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When butterflies aplenty hatched on the TV set | Transient letters

Butterflies | The sunshine in Kirkcudbright | Nempnett Thrubwell

George Monbiot’s reminiscence (Our selective blindness is deadly the residing world, 20 December) is certainly bittersweet. As a boy I additionally recall summertime nettlebeds thickly hanging with the black caterpillars of peacocks and small tortoiseshells. We used to collect them after which watch them pupate and hatch on the highest of our tv set (a considerably bulkier merchandise within the late 1960s). I don’t recall seeing such butterfly fecundity for greater than 40 years.
Mathew Frith
Director of conservation, London Wildlife Belief

• The sunshine right here in Kirkcudbright (Letters, 16 December) can also be significantly treasured by artists (viz Hornel and the Glasgow Boys). A lot of our seashores up right here comprise hundreds of thousands of sea shell shards – scallop and cockle particularly – which make the coast glow on a stupendous sunny day.
Keith Langton
Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway

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