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Searching for time misplaced studying Proust twice | Transient letters

Rereading Proust | Corpses’ underwear | Passing on litter | Birds at conferences | Break up infinitives | The far proper

Studying Remembrance of Issues Previous all over just isn’t sufficient to understand Proust’s masterpiece (Letters, 26 September). It is advisable learn it a second time within the gentle of the occasions within the final quantity, significantly the account of the meal at which characters from the earlier eleven volumes reappear. The second studying is a completely totally different expertise, understanding what would occur later to every of the characters. And sure, I’ve.
Karl Sabbagh
Bloxham, Oxfordshire

• Re Lifeless informal: why corpses are dressing down (25 September), having simply buried the second of my dad and mom, I wrestled with this dilemma; do you set underwear on a corpse? I despatched Dad off carrying pants however Mum went commando. What’s the etiquette for underclothing on the useless?
Andrew Vincent
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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