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Pogies off Plum Island This morning the Pogie present opened once more. The fish had been flipping about in fairly a big faculty off the beachfront. These had been fairly large, and straightforward to snag. Whereas Jim, Dave and myself had been there between 5 and eight am, people had been live-lining them within the Merrimack Mouth on the outgoing tide. I didn’t have any luck, and didn’t see anybody else hooking up. Then once more, I don’t actually know what I’m doing in terms of Pogies. This fellow, nevertheless, DOES know how one can use a pogie. Pete Shactman grabbed this one this week live-lining a Menhaden. (fish launched) Not an particularly fairly fish, and from what I perceive, not very nice on the palate, they’re, nevertheless, fairly tasty to stripers, bluefish and the native tuna inhabitants. We haven’t seen massive colleges of those round Plum Island for various years. These native colleges look to be absolutely mature ones. I’ve often solely seen them as juveniles (peanut bunker) being pushed onto the seaside by the native predators. Laborious to imagine they get from 1″ lengthy to the scale we noticed at the moment. The Most Essential Fish In The Sea You may need to take a look at this quick video by the writer of a GREAT e-book concerning the East Coast significance of the Pogie. Purchase the e-book by H. Bruce Franklin, and named, after all, The Most Essential Fish within the Sea (click on right here). It’s a beautiful learn. I’ve completed it thrice. Wikipedia has a reasonably full account describing the Plight of the Pogie: Menhaden, also referred to as mossbunker and bunker, are forage fish of the genera Brevoortia and Ethmidium, two genera of marine fish within the household Clupeidae. Menhaden is a mix of poghaden (pogy for brief) and an Algonquian phrase akin to Narragansettmunnawhatteaûg, derived from munnohquohteau ‘he fertilizes’, referring to their use of the fish as fertilizer.[1] It’s usually thought that Pilgrims had been suggested by Tisquantum (also referred to as Squanto) to plant menhaden with their crops.[1] Menhaden journey in massive, slow-moving, and tightly-packed colleges with open mouths. Filter feeders usually take into their open mouths “supplies in the identical proportions as they happen in ambient waters”.[3] Menhaden have two fundamental sources of meals: phytoplankton and zooplankton. A menhaden’s eating regimen varies significantly over the course of its lifetime, and is instantly associated to its dimension. The smallest menhaden, usually these underneath one yr outdated, eat primarily phytoplankton. After that age, grownup menhaden step by step shift to a eating regimen comprised nearly completely of zooplankton.[4] Menhaden are omnivorous filter feeders, feeding by straining plankton and algae from water. Together with oysters, which filter water on the ocean mattress, menhaden play a key function within the meals chain in estuaries and bays.[5] Atlantic menhaden are an vital hyperlink between plankton and higher stage predators. Due to their filter feeding skills, “menhaden eat and redistribute a major quantity of power inside and between Chesapeake Bay and different estuaries, and the coastal ocean.”[6] As a result of they play this function, and their abundance, menhaden are a useful prey species for a lot of predatory fish, comparable to striped bass, bluefish, mackerel, flounder, tuna, drums, and sharks. They’re additionally an important meals supply for a lot of birds, together with egrets, ospreys, seagulls, northern gannets, pelicans, and herons. In 2012 the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Fee declared that the Atlantic menhaden was depleted attributable to overfishing. The choice was pushed by points with water high quality within the Chesapeake Bay and failing efforts to re-introduce predator species, attributable to lack of menhaden on which they may feed.[1]    

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28 Plum Island Blvd
Plum Island, MA US

GPS Coordinates

Diploma, Decimal Minutes: 42º 47.910′, 70º 48.596′
Decimal Levels: 42.79850, -70.80993
Diploma, Minutes, Seconds: 42º 47′ 54.60″, 70º 48′ 35.75″

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