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Nation diary:

Langstone, Hampshire There’s no mistaking its sewing-machine stridulation, however the nice inexperienced bush-cricket is fiendishly tough to find

Speckled bush-crickets (Leptophyes punctatissima) are prolific in my backyard. The nymphs hatch in Could and I typically spot them sunning themselves on bramble or nettle leaves. Through the summer time they grow to be somewhat elusive, shifting deeper and better into the vegetation. However come autumn the humpbacked, spindly-legged, adults reappear.

Drawn to mild they typically stray indoors and I discover them scaling my bed room partitions. Bush-crickets are crepuscular, changing into lively within the late afternoon and singing into the evening. They’re extra intently associated to grasshoppers than crickets. Nevertheless, not like grasshoppers, which rub a row of stridulatory pegs on the within of the hind legs towards their forewings, bush-crickets stridulate by chafing their forewings collectively.

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