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Mark My Phrases: October – Time to Discuss Winterizing your RV

Mark My Words - Easy Fixes to Common RV Problems - Mark NemethHello of us. It’s getting later within the RVing season, and it’s time to start out speaking about winter storage. The lead-off piece this month is about winterizing. Then, I’ve acquired some common RVing solutions for you. Bear in mind to ship your RVing inquiries to


To avoid wasting cash I need to winterize my Class C reasonably than pay a supplier to do it. Can I adequately winterize my system by placing antifreeze within the contemporary water tank and pumping it by means of the system?  Do I have to unplug and drain the new water heater first?  What number of gallons of antifreeze would I have to do the job correctly?  William

Hello William

It’s actually not that arduous to winterize your RV, and there are a lot of sources for step-by-step directions. Listed here are just a few hyperlinks;

Principally, what you need to do is first take away as a lot water from the rig’s plumbing as doable. Drain the contemporary water tank, the water heater, and empty the holding tanks. Then, you should utilize the rig’s 12V water pump to pump RV protected antifreeze by means of the plumbing system. It’s a foul thought to simply put the antifreeze within the contemporary water tank, as a result of it’s virtually unimaginable to get it utterly flushed out of there within the spring. That first hyperlink above, from Gag’s Camper Method, is a very complete information, with footage and explanations of the method and particular gear you would possibly want, like a water heater bypass, or a diverter package. This stuff are cheap and straightforward to put in. Your RV could have already got them! For many RVs a pair gallons of RV antifreeze will do the job. When you don’t have a water heater bypass, you then’ll want much more, as you’ll need to fill the entire water heater with antifreeze. The bypass is lots cheaper than all that additional antifreeze, even when you must get it put in by an RV store.


I need to commerce for a more recent mannequin. Every part works, the awning doesn’t work, no exterior injury, coloration is sweet (white), new tires, cushions recovered. NO injury. What it’s value? Thanks, Bucket

Hello Bucket

Properly, it’s value no matter you will get somebody to pay for it! You may add plenty of $$ to the value by doing a really thorough cleansing in and out. Clear and utterly intact RVs promote for extra. To get an thought what it’s value, cruise among the used RV sale websites and see what related rigs are going for. Craigslist could be useful. To get an estimate of the rig’s resale worth, go to the NADA web site at . Enter your RV’s data and see what they are saying. This may give you a place to begin. Bear in mind 20-year-old RV is not going to often be value large bucks. Good luck along with your sale and improve!

Hello Mark,

I’ve not put a wax or “Protecting end” on my RV for a number of years. I’ve a 2001 Bounder and surprise what to make use of. that may shield. I’m considering of doing it myself. I known as an RV service and requested what they might cost for a wax job and so they stated that’s not carried out anymore. Is that this true? Your assistance is vastly appreciated. Mary

Hello Mary

I feel that service place simply didn’t need to do it. You are able to do it your self, simply use any good automotive wax, however it’s loads of sq. footage to rub and buff! I love to do it in small sections, and stretch it out over just a few days. I’ve used a waterless cleaner known as Dry Wash and Guard ( on all my automobiles for a few years. I prefer it as a result of it leaves a layer of safety that lasts for months. You should utilize it on a unclean car, however I choose to clean the car and let it dry first. You simply spray it on and wipe it off. I discover it simpler than automotive wax. They make a number of formulation, I exploit the “traditional” for many of my stuff.


I’m experiencing a pulsating, vivid to dimmer, situation, with my lights.  It seems that the cycle time is shortening. As well as, I’m experiencing stray voltage, not solely feeding again to my motorhome exterior, but additionally anybody who’s utilizing the identical breaker field. After I test my 110 shops, I see voltage bleeding again, on the impartial. May this be a foul converter?  It’s the unique. Thanks, Doug

Hello Doug

It feels like you’ll have a severe electrical wiring situation within the rig’s AC breaker field, or presumably elsewhere within the rig’s wiring. If you’re sensing any detectable voltage on the pores and skin or body of the motorhome, it’s a very harmful situation. We’re speaking the potential of a deadly shock hazard right here. The very first thing to test is all the wiring connections within the AC breaker field within the RV. A free or disconnected floor, or a brief from a sizzling wire to the impartial bus might presumably trigger these signs, so that you’re wanting first for something free or incorrectly wired. Clearly, unplug the rig from AC energy earlier than you open that breaker field! The issue will not be within the breaker field itself, it could be someplace else within the RV. When you aren’t positive you could have the abilities to judge it your self, name in an electrician, and please achieve this instantly.

After you have corrected the AC energy situation, the converter could also be high-quality.

A phrase to all: A sizzling pores and skin situation in an RV could be very harmful! When you ever expertise even the slightest shock or tingle when standing exterior and touching any a part of your RV’s body or physique, that may be a clear warning that there’s a severe, and probably deadly malfunction within the RV’s AC wiring. Don’t ignore it! Instantly have the RV’s AC energy system inspected by a professional particular person.


  1. How do I inform if my 95 Chinook has a single stage or a Three stage charging system?  I wish to maintain it plugged in however am afraid of cooking my batteries. The earlier proprietor didn’t point out this improve and I can discover no paperwork. As you may inform I’m a beginner, any recommendation could be appreciated. Finest, Doug

In all probability the best approach is to observe your battery voltage beneath cost, utilizing a digital voltmeter. Unplug the rig from AC energy, and activate some lights and followers. Run the furnace. The thought is to run the batteries down a bit. As soon as the voltage has dropped to about 12.four volts, plug the rig again in to AC energy. If the battery voltage rises to about 13.5 volts and stays there, you could have a single stage converter. If the voltage rises to 14 volts or larger, then tapers right down to 13.2 or so over time, you almost certainly have a wise Three-stage charger. Given the age of your rig, it’s prone to have a single stage converter except somebody has upgraded it prior to now. Three-stage chargers had been fairly uncommon within the 90s. You may stay with the outdated converter, you’ll simply have to test the water ranges in your batteries month-to-month, and add distilled water as wanted.

  1. Similar query concerning the Dometic Three approach refer, how do inform if it has the later dinosaur (I feel that’s the identify) board?

That’s simple! Open the skin fridge compartment entry panel and search for a circuit board mounted to the again of the fridge. This board may have a cylindrical coil on it, and a single thick wire main from the coil to the burner meeting. That’s the ignitor wire, and the board might be both an OEM (unique) board, or a dinosaur board. Dinosaur clearly labels their boards with their identify. Dinosaur has been making substitute ignitor and management boards for furnaces, fridges and water heaters for a few years, and they’re much smarter, and longer lived, than the unique producer’s boards.  I all the time carry one as a spare.

  1. Simply how important is the necessity to have the refer completely stage?

Your fridge will last more, and function extra effectively, whether it is fairly stage. It doesn’t need to be good. “Half a bubble off” on a spirit stage or RV levelling gauge is often shut sufficient. Usually, in the event you can stroll round contained in the RV with out bouncing off the partitions, it’s in all probability shut sufficient, however the nearer to stage the higher. By no means run your fridge if you’re considerably off-level. These fridges function on gravity and convection, and if they’re operated off stage, the circulation of the coolant stops, and injury can happen in as little as 15 minutes. To be taught much more about how these fridges function, go to  On the house web page are hyperlinks to a sequence of articles Paul wrote for Escapees journal overlaying many (if not all!) facets of RV refrigeration. Whilst you’re there, take a look at the ARP management, which actively protects your fridge from injury in case of off-level operation or different failures. It’s a fantastic little gadget, and when you’ve got one, you’ll by no means want to fret in the event you’re stage sufficient!


EscapeesThese items additionally works nice on caught jar lids and different locations the place you want to “get a grip”.

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Car, Off-Road, and also RV

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