Easy Methods To Seize The Proper Ax For The Job

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Relationship again to the stone-age, axes have served a important function within the processing of firewood, the constructing of dwellings, and survival within the wild. And really very similar to knives, there are completely different axes that are suited to completely different jobs within the bush. When it comes all the way down to it, you may fell a tree with a tomahawk or throw a big ax—nevertheless it’s greatest to have the precise device for the job. Listed below are just some of the wooden chopping choices to think about in your backcountry camp.

Double Bit Ax

No, it’s not a battle ax (although, it could work for that in a pinch). Historically, the double bit ax is for felling and limbing bushes. One edge is stout, for the exhausting work of felling. The opposite edge is sharper, for chopping the limbs off the tree as soon as it’s on the bottom.

Splitting Maul

These thick and heavy axes sometimes bear a straight deal with, and are used for splitting firewood. They had been additionally used to dispatch livestock earlier than the mechanization of slaughter homes. A blacksmith would draw out the sting to some extent, which was meant to strike the livestock between the eyes.


Straight-handled like a maul, these little axes are on the other finish of the load spectrum. Feather mild and simple to hold, these instruments are designed to be carried on the path for camp duties. They’ve additionally been used as devastating weapons in hand at hand fight, or used as thrown weapons. However the tomahawk does have some drawbacks. The lighter weight of the tomahawk forces you to swing loads more durable to do the identical quantity of chopping as a heavier ax. And due to their total form, they’re not nice at splitting wooden.

Camp Axe

The most typical ax within the woods, these small to mid-sized choppers (aka hatchets) are helpful for each tenting and survival. These light-weight instruments designed for one-handed use, ideally suited to chopping and splitting small wooden. The well-known Hudson Bay ax is a superb instance of this group. They’re mild sufficient to hold, however heavy sufficient to cut effectively.

What’s your favourite make and mannequin of the ax? Please share your desire by leaving a remark.

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