Chasing The Beast: The Story Of The Nearly-Document Largemouth

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Editor’s Observe: This story first appeared within the July 2006 concern of the journal. We’re publishing it on-line, for the primary time, to coincide with George Perry’s catching the all-tackle world-record largemouth bass on this present day in 1932.


You in all probability heard the story of the 25-pound largemouth—the fish that rocked the bass scene, confirmed up on SportsCenter, and appeared like a positive factor to shatter the 85-year-old world document. However what you won’t have heard is the story of three males who’ve devoted their lives to discovering this fish, spending over 200 days a yr on one small lake. And in the end why, after they lastly discovered what they have been searching for, they turned their again on the dream.


The story begins within the first week of March on Dixon Lake in Escondido, Calif., a reservoir filled with clear Colorado River water, there to slake the thirst of San Diego’s suburbs. Dixon appears incapable of doing something extra important than that. All informed, it’s solely 70 featureless acres. In a rented Velco aluminum boat powered by a trolling motor, you possibly can go from one finish to the opposite in below 10 minutes. However dimension isn’t every little thing.

Or is it?

An outdated man, a lake common whom everybody calls “Six Pack,” mans his common submit on what’s often known as the handicap dock at Dixon. It’s morning, and the fog has simply begun to burn off the hills. The outdated man holds a lightweight spinning rod rigged with 2-pound-test. On the purpose of a small hook he’s caught a BB-size ball of Energy Bait. He’s fishing for trout, and Dixon is an effective place to try this. Some 30,000 kilos of rainbow trout are planted within the tiny lake annually, courtesy of the California Division of Fish and Sport. Fishermen aren’t the one beneficiaries. “No one feeds their bass in addition to we do,” says lake ranger Jim Dayberry.

The outdated man already has a couple of good ones on his stringer when his bobber begins to bounce once more. He lifts his rod and units the hook, gently, due to the sunshine line. He reels, feeling a rhythmic pulse. He lets his thoughts wander a bit, considering forward to the trout fillets he’ll eat that evening.

However simply as he has it almost in, the hooked trout goes berserk, zigging and zagging in wild determine eights. There’s an explosion of water, and the sunshine tug of the trout is out of the blue gone, changed by a brutish seize that appears to need to pull him, the dock, the sky in with it. He spots his trout within the maw of one thing impossibly giant. In a second, the pull is gone. The outdated man is left along with his frayed line coiled like a pig’s tail, his rod lifeless, his mouth agape. Later that morning, Six Pack stutters as he tries to recount the story to a dock attendant. Nobody believes him. And nobody realizes it on the time, however the outdated man had simply hooked the largest bass on the earth.


Over every week later, on March 19, a cool Sunday morning, Jed Dickerson, 33, and Kyle Malmstrom, 34, are in line on the concession stand at Dixon Lake, ready to get their permits. Dickerson is on the very entrance, Malmstrom only a step behind. They every fork over $30, then hustle right down to the dock to the rented boats, the one sort allowed. They race to connect their trolling motors. Malmstrom is the primary one off. He heads north. Dickerson glances over on the handicap dock. It’s considered one of his go-to spots, however three trout anglers are fishing from the shore close by. He decides to not hassle them and heads east.

For the previous 5 years, Dickerson, alongside along with his two finest associates, Mac Weakley, 33, and Mike “Buddha” Winn, 32, have been chasing the subsequent world-record largemouth bass. Their dedication to this pursuit has hurtled from pastime into obsession. Working versatile nighttime hours within the on line casino trade has allowed them to fish almost 800 days among the many three of them in these 5 years, on Dixon and a handful of different San Diego reservoirs which are the epicenter of the hunt for the world-record bass. Their persistence has reaped rewards. In 2003, Weakley caught a 19-pound Eight-ounce bass from Dixon, ok for 12th place on the checklist of the highest 25 largest largemouths ever recorded. Later that very same yr, Dickerson landed the fourth-largest bass of all time, a 21-pound 11-ounce monster, additionally from Dixon. The trio is well-known for his or her dedication and ability. Dickerson has all the time been essentially the most fervent of the three, the one for whom the hunt has taken by itself life. He’s out right here early on this Sunday morning as Weakley and Winn sleep in.

Malmstrom can also be a document hunter, although his obsession is proscribed by his nine-to-five job as an estate-planning guide. However he has caught some notable bass, together with one near 15 kilos. He speaks in a laid-back drawl and spends most of his free time at Dixon. “You all the time get that magical feeling going up there that any day may very well be the day,” he says.

On this morning, he drives his boat backward, led by his trolling motor. It’s the popular model of Dixon’s big-bass hunters, offering exact management and clear sight strains into the water. He works the shoreline, peering into the depths, looking for the cleared-off rings that point out a bass mattress.

He comes round to the handicap dock. The spot is now empty. Simply as Malmstrom nears the dock, he sees a large shadow shoot from the shallows below his boat and into the deep water. “My first thought was ‘Holy crap, that’s an 18-plus,’” he says. He anchors on the shore, waits for 15 minutes, then idles over to see if she’s returned. He spots her, perhaps 10 toes away, slowly inching again to the nest. “Then I resolve to attend her out,” Malmstrom says. For 2 hours he sits, far sufficient away to not spook her once more however shut sufficient to protect his spot from different anglers, particularly Dickerson.

At 9 a.m., he can’t wait any longer and motors over. He sees the bass hovering above her nest and feels a shot of adrenaline. Tying the entrance of his boat to the dock, he drops an anchor off the again. The day has cleared and there’s no wind on the water: good -sight-fishing circumstances. Malmstrom casts for the fish, throwing jigs and swimbaits, teasing the lures throughout the nest, attempting to agitate her into placing.

After two hours of fruitless casting, he’s tense and excited and might now not maintain his discover to himself. He does one thing he’ll later remorse: He calls Dickerson on his cellphone. The 2 males, although they compete for a similar fish, have a cordial relationship. “I’m on a giant one,” he boasts. Dickerson, who’s on the opposite facet of the lake, instantly relays that info to Weakley and Winn, who are actually awake.

Weakley and Winn present up on the handicap dock at 1 p.m. Dickerson joins them, and so they watch Malmstrom throw casts over the big bass. A neighborhood teenager, Dan Barnett, his curiosity piqued by the commotion, joins the occasion of onlookers. Malmstrom is aware of it is a particular bass and decides that he’ll fish for her all day if he has to. However he has an issue—he must name his spouse to inform her he received’t be dwelling anytime quickly, and his cellphone has simply died. He asks Weakley if he can borrow his. They work out a commerce: Weakley will let him use his telephone if Malmstrom will present him the fish. Malmstrom makes his name, then Weakley jumps within the boat and will get his first good have a look at the bass. “My God,” he says, “that’s Jed’s fish,” recognizing it because the 21-pound 11-ounce bass that Dickerson had caught three years earlier.

Again on the dock, Weakley, lusting after what he is aware of is no less than a 20-pounder, begins pestering Malmstrom. “Come on, give me a shot. I assure you I can catch it.” Malmstrom refuses. Weakley provides him $1,000 for 30 minutes on the fish, displaying a roll of $100 payments to Barnett on the dock. Malmstrom refuses once more. “I wouldn’t have been in a position to stay with myself,” he says, “if Mac caught that fish.”

He stays till darkish however leaves the lake empty-handed. The large bass may need hit his jig as soon as, he thinks, however he isn’t positive. He’s bone-tired. He contemplates calling in sick day after today again for the fish, however then, feeling a twinge of guilt, decides towards it.

Simply earlier than the concession stand closes, Winn buys a tenting allow, which permits entry to the grounds, however not the lake, earlier than the surface gates open at 6 a.m. The trio is set to be the primary on this fish the subsequent day. However they’ll have competitors: Dan Barnett, 14, calls his 18-year-old brother, Steve, and so they resolve to come back out to Dixon early the subsequent morning to take their shot.

On reflection, Malmstrom says he realized two issues that day. “I’m by no means calling these meatheads ever once more once I’m on a giant fish,” he says with a chuckle. “And I’ll remember to take the subsequent day without work from work.”


Weakley, Dickerson, and Winn grew up in Escondido. They met within the fourth grade and have been finest associates ever since, bonds cast tight by the anguish of damaged households. In a span of two years after they have been youngsters, Weakley’s father died of a coronary heart assault and each Dickerson’s and Winn’s mother and father cut up up. The boys escaped by spending hours trout fishing on close by Dixon Lake.

In his 20s, Weakley started to frequent the Indian casinos that had popped up within the space, changing into an everyday on the low-stakes poker tables. Sooner or later a person approached him, impressed by the clean-cut younger man’s information of and starvation for playing. He provided Weakley a job as a supervisor in his firm, Pacific Gaming, which gives the betting money for casinos in Southern California. Weakley appreciated the job, appreciated hanging out at casinos and card rooms, appreciated the high-risk vibe and the massive cash. He was good at watching the money, and his boss informed him to rent two lieutenants. Weakley employed Dickerson, who had been putting in carpets, and Winn, who had been working as a primary mate on a deep-sea fishing boat. The trio frolicked collectively each day on the job and off, after they trout fished on Dixon.

Firstly of 2001, they seen that Mike Lengthy, the unquestioned king of the San Diego big-bass scene, was fishing Dixon almost each day. He appeared to be onto one thing, working his boat slowly alongside the shoreline, staring into the water, as if the lake’s backside have been lined with gold. In a way it was: That yr, an outfit in Tampa referred to as the Huge Bass Document Membership was providing $Eight million to the angler who broke George Perry’s iconic 1932 world document for largemouth bass. The three associates, ever the gamblers, appreciated the chances of discovering that fish of their dwelling lake, which they knew so properly. They ditched their trout gear, purchased heavy rods, and have become bass fishermen.

Their strategies have been primitive at first. Plastic worms and stay shiners have been their bait, not the jigs and swimbaits that critical big-bass hunters most popular. Decided to study, they approached Mike Lengthy to choose his mind, however he spurned the upstarts. So that they studied him on the water from afar and came upon how one can fish for large bass the onerous approach. That yr, the trio logged greater than 200 days at Dixon.

Within the spring of 2001, they have been bystanders as Mike Lengthy caught a 20-pound 12-ounce bass from Dixon, the eighth largest ever on the time, and the primary recorded over 20 kilos in a decade. That solely made the trio fish more durable, even because the Huge Bass Document Membership, together with its $Eight million bounty, disappeared. Why they fished now wasn’t due to cash however one thing else totally: That they had turn into too good to cease.

In 2003, Weakley caught a 17-Eight, then the 19-Eight. Later that spring, Dickerson capped all of it with the 21-11, the fish that formally put the boys on the big-bass map. Lengthy was on the lake on the day Dickerson landed that fish and claimed that it was the identical one he had caught two years earlier, when it was a pound lighter. The proof: It had the identical dime-size black dot beneath its jaw. A couple of weeks later, Lengthy stated that some trout fishing associates had discovered the fish floating useless; he’d despatched the carcass to a taxidermist. Weakley by no means believed him. “Whole b.s.,” he says. He suspected that Lengthy was simply attempting to maintain the hordes off of his honey gap, figuring that somebody may catch that fish once more, and this time it simply may be the precise world document.

Mike Lengthy had good purpose to fret.


At Four a.m. on March 20, Jed Dickerson flashes his tenting allow and passes by way of the gates at Dixon. Weakley and Winn are getting doughnuts and low. The evening earlier than, the trio hatched their plan. Underlying their conversations was one thing they didn’t dare verbalize: This bass may very well be the one.

Weakley and Winn arrive at 5 a.m. The three of them collect in Weakley’s automotive and take heed to the radio. Dazed by the early-morning hour, they barely utter a phrase till Weakley, pointing on the windblown streaks of rain on the automotive window, says, “Man, what the hell are we doing right here?” They giggle, realizing the reply.

In the meantime, Dan and Steve Barnett nudge their automotive as much as the Dixon gate outdoors the grounds, however at 6 a.m., after operating to the concession stand to get their permits, they look right down to the water and see Weakley, Winn, and Dickerson already in a ship. The tenting allow has labored. The Barnett brothers, with no shot on the fish, choose to observe the motion from the handicap dock. Chris Bozir, a part-time dock attendant, joins them.

Winn, as all the time, mans the motor. Weakley and Dickerson stand, rods prepared. They ease towards the handicap dock. Wind and rain make it not possible to see something greater than the shadow of the fish. However she’s there.

The primary forged is Dickerson’s. Tossing out his white Bob Sangster jig underhand, he lets it sink to the underside and sit, a foot or two away from the fish. Then he works the lure over the nest. He jerks the rod tip, making the skirt billow and contract. The bass turns however doesn’t take. Weakley then tosses in his jig. The large feminine’s consort, a Three-pound male, will get agitated, racing across the mattress and diving on the lure.

Dickerson and Weakley proceed to alternate casts. 3 times, Dickerson thinks the bass bumps his lure, and he instinctively swings his rod however fails to attach. The visibility is so poor that he can’t ensure if it’s the male or the feminine that’s hitting his jig. Weakley tries to set the hook a couple of instances, too, and likewise comes up empty. Nobody—both on the boat or the dock—is speaking a lot.

After 45 minutes, Weakley feels his line twitch once more, and he swings onerous. This time his rod doubles in half. Time doesn’t decelerate, because it’s imagined to. It accelerates. The fish dives for deeper water, jerking the 15-pound-test line from his reel. She begins to provide in a bit, and he reels, quick. Weakley is aware of that really huge bass don’t combat that properly. Their obscene girth tires them shortly, like a 400-pound man attempting to climb stairs.

When Weakley will get the bass near the boat, Winn reaches down with the web however misses. With new life, the bass runs onerous for the handicap dock and the viewers gathered there. Weakley pulls on his rod with all his energy, decided to maintain her away from the pilings. He turns her head, then simply reels her in. This time, Winn will get her with one scoop.

To the Barnett brothers, that is essentially the most thrilling factor they’ve ever witnessed on the water. The scene has performed out not 15 toes away, and now the present has reached its climax. “That’s an insanely huge bass,” Steve remarks.

However then he sees one thing else, one thing that deflates his euphoria. The white jig is embedded within the fish’s again, perhaps Three inches behind the dorsal fin. Steve groans and yells, “Oh man, it’s foul-hooked!” Weakley and Winn look within the path of the yell, momentarily distracted from the black-and-silver mass of fish within the internet.

Their consideration shortly returns to the bass. Winn unhooks the jig and runs a stringer by way of the fish’s mouth. Although the combat took little bodily vitality, the three males discover they’re respiration closely. Mendacity on the boat’s backside is the largest bass that any of those males have ever seen. It’s the one.

They need to really feel complete elation, however Weakley retains wanting down at a spot on the fish’s again, the opening left by the jig. I foul-hooked the rattling factor, he thinks. Then he hears voices on the dock. The viewers is clamoring to see the fish up shut. Winn hears them, too. Reaching for the trolling motor, he as an alternative heads for the center of the lake after the others decrease the stringer into the water. The trio speak for a couple of minutes, casting occasional glances on the fish tied to the boat. They raise her out of the water and put her on Dickerson’s handheld Berkley scale: 25.5. The burden is much above the magical mark of 22 kilos Four ounces. They motor again to the dock.

The moments there are chaotic and fast. They hold the fish on the dimensions once more. Now it exhibits 25.1 kilos. Weakley will get out his video digicam and shoots the footage of the fish that may quickly seem on ESPN and numerous night information exhibits. Towards the tip of the shaky clip, the digicam pans in on the fish, and a disembodied voice from someplace behind it utters 5 phrases: “That’s the beast proper there.”

Dickerson needs to take a photograph of Weakley with the fish, however Weakley says his arm is simply too drained from lifting it. Winn stands in, grabbing the fish with one arm. The picture is snapped. Later that day, it could fly across the Web, incorrectly captioned as “Mac Weakley.”

Weakley and Dickerson have a look at the fish extra carefully. They discover one thing: a dime-size black dot below the fish’s jaw. “I’m 100 p.c positive that this is similar fish I caught in 2003,” says Dickerson, which, after all, would make it the identical fish that Mike Lengthy caught in 2001. A duplicate mount from the 2003 catch was featured on the duvet of Discipline & Stream. This can be a bass accustomed to the limelight. Then the boys discover one thing else: a brief strand of 2-pound-test operating out of the bass’s mouth. Bear in mind Six Pack, the outdated trout fisherman?

Then Steve Barnett hears both Weakley or Dickerson say, “Look, there’s a mark on its again.” He can’t fairly bear in mind who uttered these phrases amid all the joy. Steve is confused, not precisely positive what the remark means, what whoever stated it’s attempting to suggest. “We noticed you foul-hook it, although,” Steve says, pleading nearly, nonetheless uncertain. Then he hears Weakley inform Winn to launch the fish. Winn unhooks the stringer, and the largest bass on the earth swims lazily away and disappears.

The beast? Properly, that seems to be one thing else totally.

A ranger at Dixon makes a telephone name to a good friend, the primary trickle in what’s going to turn into a flood. It builds with extra telephone calls, then e-mails and Web chat-room postings. Inside a couple of hours, the primary information tales hit the wires.

At first the eye is enjoyable for the boys. That is the fish they’ve labored so onerous for, justification for the hours, days, months, and years they’ve been after it. “You all the time heard folks claiming that they noticed a 25-pounder,” says Weakley. “We proved it exists.”

Over the subsequent two days, Weakley does dozens of interviews—The New York Occasions, Los Angeles Occasions, Related Press, The Early Present on CBS. ESPN sends a digicam crew to the lake. They retest Dickerson’s scale with a 5-pound weight. It’s completely correct. Information stories deem the fish the brand new world document, at the same time as they be aware the ambiguous method wherein the fish was caught and documented. An IGFA official is quoted as saying that the foul hooking could or could not matter, and that Weakley ought to submit his software anyway. The one sticking level appears to be a California state regulation that claims that any fish not caught within the mouth have to be launched instantly.

To start with, Weakley contemplates going towards his personal first impulse and sending within the picture, the movies, and the testimony of the 5 witnesses to the IGFA. He’s buoyed by the reward, caught up within the consideration.

However shortly, the murmurs of a conspiracy turn into shouts. Individuals begin to deal with the adverse: There’s the foul hooking. The truth that the fish wasn’t weighed on a licensed scale, regardless that there was one perhaps 100 toes away within the ranger’s workplace. The dearth of measurements of the fish’s size and girth. “These boys know the foundations higher than anybody and so they didn’t comply with them,” says Ray Scott, a voice to be reckoned with due to his appreciable affect on the IGFA document committee.

For some, the questions turn into broader. What are the ethics of fishing for a spawning bass on its mattress? And what concerning the unnaturalness of California bass, Florida transplants which are hand-fed 1000’s of kilos of planted rainbow trout? The assaults even get private. These guys work within the shadowy world of playing. What concerning the unsavory nature of the $1,000 supply and the tenting allow?

Lower than 48 hours after catching his fish, Weakley sits in his home, hollow-eyed, exhausted. Winn has been on the Web, checking the heartbeat of the bass fishing nation. After agonizing over the query with Winn and Dickerson, Weakley decides he doesn’t need to extend the negativity. He goes along with his preliminary intestine intuition. He foul-hooked the fish. It shouldn’t depend. He received’t pursue the document.

“I do know we did the suitable factor,” says Weakley. “Look, me and Buddha and Jed received to carry a 25-pound bass. Nobody else ever has. That was cool for us.” He thinks it’s throughout now, however the calls nonetheless stream in in any respect hours of the day and evening. Native newspaper writers method him with proposals for screenplays. Ultimately, he’s overwhelmed and turns off his telephone, accomplished with the telling and retelling.

In the meantime on Dixon, there’s world-record hysteria. Lake ranger Jim Dayberry estimates that enterprise is up 80 p.c over regular. On many days, some 30 boats jockey for area on the tiny physique of water. “And everybody coming in right here says they need a shot at that bass,” Dayberry says. A person flies in from Texas and rents a motor dwelling and fishes for every week. Anglers from no less than 20 totally different states have referred to as asking about reservations. And amid all of it, an outdated man sits at his regular submit, fishing for trout.

The irony, after all, is that George Washington Perry’s fish, the 22-pound Four-ouncer caught within the backwoods of Georgia in 1932, would have been simply as controversial, if no more so, in our trendy age. There’s no picture of his fish and no mount. No one ever made contact with the one witness to the catch. Perry merely weighed his fish at a rustic retailer and despatched the data to a Discipline & Stream contest. Then he took the bass dwelling and ate it.

However Perry’s story, true or not, carries unbelievable resonance to this present day. It’s an emblem of a extra harmless age, of the egalitarian American splendid that any man, regardless of his station in life, can obtain greatness. It’s grown extra highly effective through the years, snowballing in the way in which that tales which are handed down from era to era are inclined to do. It’s no coincidence that it’s primarily older males who’re Perry’s fiercest protectors. This new period of nakedly formidable document chasing appears to them to be blasphemous, a perversion of the suitable approach—and the suitable causes—to fish.


Months after weakley caught his fish, the media firestorm has burned into smoldering embers, now nearly gone. As he sits in his home in Carlsbad, his Eight-month-old boy asleep within the subsequent room, Weakley is lastly in a position to mirror. And what he finds isn’t that fairly. “I look again now and all of it appears type of sick,” he says. “Fishing is meant to be enjoyable.” Possibly prefer it was when he was an adolescent and he and Winn and Dickerson would head to Dixon to blow off steam and fish for trout. He thinks about a few of the tales that have been written, of the extreme significance given to this document, the opinions—the actual beast that emerged from the water that day.

“I see how silly all of it is. It’s truly been a pleasant wake-up name,” he says. “Me and Bud-dha and Jed understand now that we should always get out and stay life and spend extra time with our households fairly than being obsessive about a fish. It’s only a fish. Only a silly fish.”

However that fish could also be again subsequent spring, drawn into Dixon’s shallows by the urge to spawn. Relaxation assured, Weakley, Dickerson, and Winn will probably be there too, lured by the equally highly effective pull of obsession.

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