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Nation diary: hundreds of thousands of birds arrive on their autumn migration

Many birds migrate at evening, utilizing the celebs to orient themselves. For some, Britain is the final cease – for others, a staging publish

Waking within the small hours, I discover my bed room bisected by a ribbon of sunshine. The waxing gibbous moon hangs like a overwhelmed silver pendant, backlighting wisps of cloud that cling to the inky sky like cobwebs. As I elevate my binoculars to view the moon’s craters, I discover a tiny silhouette flutter throughout the lunar disc.

Nocturnal migration permits birds to spend the sunlight hours fuelling up in preparation for the lengthy distances they have to journey. It’s believed that birds use the celebs to assist orient themselves, and it’s advantageous for them to fly at evening when the air is cooler and the environment much less turbulent. The quilt of darkness additionally helps them to keep away from assault by avian predators.

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