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Gilman Oar Grips Launches Kickstarter Marketing campaign

Gilman Oar Grips are an ergonomic rowing grip designed for critical fishing guides and anglers. They’ve began a kickstarter marketing campaign to assist deliver their product to market.

Learn extra within the press launch beneath.

Gilman Oar Grips Launches Kickstarter Marketing campaign

From Gilman Oar Grips:

Gilman Oar Grips is the primary on the earth to supply an ergonomic handed rowing grip.

Designed for fishing guides and anglers, drift boats, whitewater rafting, or simply getting out on the river, by no means miss a stroke with the Gilman Oar Grip. Totally appropriate with Cataract Oars, Sawyer Oars, and Edge Oars, the Gilman Grips patented design immediately orients the rowing blade into the water with a exact feathering angle, and ergonomically impartial place of the wrist and thumb.

This distinctive design retains the blade close to the floor of the water, eliminates undesirable oar-spin, and prevents missed strokes. Actually, there may be nearly no setup time between strokes. Intuitive feathering, on the spot rowing suggestions, and highly effective strokes equal much less shoulder and wrist fatigue.  By no means miss one other stroke!

Try their Kickstarter marketing campaign right here.

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